10 Free CEU Bucks

CEU Buck

What is a CEU Buck?

A promotional unit that may be used to purchase online course-based quizzes. All members of the NATA, who have renewed their membership in full, are eligible for 10 Free CEU Bucks.

Pro-Rated Dues CEU Bucks
Paid Pro-Rated Dues After May 1st Eligible for 6 CEU Bucks
Paid Pro-Rated Dues After Sept 1st Eligible for 3 CEU Bucks

10 Free CEU Bucks are available from 2/16/2012 - 12/31/2012 at midnight (Central Standard Time).

10 CEU Bucks are equivalent to $150 ($15 per CEU)

CEU Bucks cannot currently be used to purchase quizzes based on the Journal of Athletic Training.

CEU Name Change!!!

In order to avoid confusion, NATA has changed the name of the units used to purchase online CEU quizzes to 'CEU Bucks' instead of 'CEUs.' Instead of receiving 10 free CEUs, members now receive 10 free CEU Bucks that can be used to purchase CEUs.

Only the name has changed, not the offer itself.

NATA members can still receive the membership benefit of 10 free CEUs

How to Use Your CEU Bucks

  1. Sign in to your Quiz Center Account

  2. Scroll down to the section "Online CEU Quizzes"

  3. Select the Quiz you wish to apply CEU Bucks to by clicking ONCE on the "Purchase" button.

  4. CEU Bucks will automatically be deducted from your total available.

  5. The Quiz you just purchased will now be found at the top of your page under the section "Your Quizzes"

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